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e-Construction for Highways

e-Construction is the collection, review, approval, and distribution of road and highway construction project data in a paperless environment.

"Our county’s choice of ExeVision was the result of needing to upgrade our outdated construction management software. The move to online automation was a much-needed transition.


Having now made that move, we’re happy with the results and with the affordability of the subscription model for county transportation agencies. We have been very pleased with the level of attention and support extended by the ExeVision team."                         

                                                                              -- McHenry County, IL.

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Why e-Construction

Many counties and state departments of transportation are adopting e-construction software technology to improve the efficiency of the construction and documentation process. This technology allows for the digitization of many traditional paper-based processes and documentation, making it easier to manage and store information related to road and highway construction projects.

What is e-Construction

e-Construction is a paperless construction administrative method for tracking and documenting road and highway construction projects by recording data online.  e-construction software can be used to create and manage digital versions of field books, journals, documents, notes, spreadsheets, and other data related to a project, and by eliminating the need for paper-based documentation, it can significantly reduce the potential for errors associated with data transfer and transcription. 

In addition to improving efficiency and reducing errors, e-construction software also offers other benefits. It can provide real-time access to project data for all stakeholders, including project managers, engineers, contractors, and inspectors. This can improve communication and collaboration and facilitate decision-making.

Transitioning to Electronic Project Documentation

The integrated Project Development (iPDWeb) solution by ExeVision is an easy-to-use software application, accessed through standard web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, or on mobile tablets.  All standard documentation typically required for tracking and managing construction projects is supported,  including: 

Quantity Book • Daily Reports • Change Orders • Pay Estimates • Subcontracts

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