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Highway Construction


Department Of Transportation


Customized to the Way your Agency does Business.

 Customizations, modifications and enhancements to the iPDWeb base code are precisely tailored to your agency’s way of doing business, both initially and  throughout the lifetime of the application.  All changes or updates to your agency's application functionality are initiated by you—eliminating the ongoing “churn” of installing continual updates that require resources for testing, implementing, and configuration. 

ExeVision video overview_Project Development for DOT

Watch an overview of ExeVision's "Customization" business model."


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For State Transportation Departments

ExeVision’s integrated Project Development (iPDWeb) solution is a comprehensive construction project development and management solution that provides all functional aspects of road and bridge construction starting with estimate creation and electronic bidding, through construction management,  project closeout, and materials management.

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For Contractors/Subcontractors

The integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb) is a web-based communication tool between the agency and contractors, simplifying bid creation and submission and allowing for contractor interaction with the agency throughout the bidding and construction process.

Parametric Estimating

For Project Estimators

HDR and ExeVision have teamed up to developed iPDWeb Parametric Estimates, a breakthrough  application that helps estimators develop more accurate long-range cost estimates.   

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