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e-Construction for Counties
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Construction Management (CMS)

for Counties & Municipality Transportation Agencies

The iPDWeb software solution is used by the agency to digitally record and document daily work activities, including work quantity, weather, time charges, labor, equipment usage, diary entries, and other project information. 

Many counties and state departments of transportation are adopting e-construction software technology to improve the efficiency of the construction and documentation process. This technology allows for the digitization of many traditional paper-based processes and documentation, making it easier to manage and store information related to road and highway construction projects.


ExeVision's web-based CMS is used to digitally record and document daily work activities, including:


  • Work quantity

  • Weather

  • Time charges

  • Labor

  • Equipment usage

  • Diary entries


These entries are utilized to generate reports on the progress of the project, payment details, funding, and other relevant data. The solution comes with customizable reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate ad hoc reports using an intuitive and user-friendly reporting engine. Furthermore, graphical reporting dashboards can be produced for visual representation of the information gathered.

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Sample Daily Report Data

Contract Payment Processing

The management of financial allocations for a contract can be achieved by adding funding sources for the projects. Another option is adding or modifying funding sources at a category level, or even setting specific funding sources on an item-by-item basis. Work entries are compiled into pay estimates, allowing authorized users to include or exclude items. Items not included in the current pay estimate will automatically show up on future pay estimates until they have been approved and included on a pay estimate.

Change Orders and Subcontracts

ExeVision has streamlined the communication process for change orders and subcontracts between the agency and the contractor through the integration of iCXWeb, the contractor's web-based application. Contractors use iCXWeb to interact with agency personnel and to view project information including change orders, subcontracts, and other project related information.

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for Contractors

ExeVision's Integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb) is an intuitive web-based application that operates in conjunction with the iPDWeb CMS, making communication between contractors and the agency seamless during construction projects. One of the key features in iCXWeb includes the ability for contractors to submit subcontractors for agency approval, share prompt payment payroll information, upload documents, and provide other information needed by the agency. In addition, the agency enables contractors to have a real-time read-only view of projects and efficiently review change orders, pay estimates, and other project-related information. This feature helps contractors stay informed while minimizing the need for direct contact with the agency.

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Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook)

efb_logo small.png

The Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook) is a tablet-based application designed to assist engineers and inspectors working in remote project sites without network connectivity. The eFieldBook works in tandem with the CMS application, allowing engineers and inspectors to view project data and record field data such as pay items, work quantities, and weather conditions. The eFieldBook is equipped with synchronization functionality that automatically uploads daily work information to the CMS after documenting project activities. CMS is responsible for coordinating the information exchange between multiple engineers and inspectors, ensuring a consistent view of the project with data from various sources.

The Materials Management Subsystem (MMS), described below is an additional subsystem to CMS but included on this page as part of the construction process. 

Material Management (MMS)

ExeVision provides a comprehensive web-based solution called the Materials Management Subsystem (MMS) that enables transportation agencies to proficiently manage and test materials, and maintain laboratory data. The MMS offers a broad spectrum of integrated features that encompasses logging and tracking material samples and a test creation engine using a range of question types, including complex calculations with MS formulas. The system also provides laboratory management attributes such as tracking personnel certification, equipment and maintenance records, facilities, and other laboratory assets associated with materials testing and reporting. Moreover, FHWA Federal Lands Division has recently awarded ExeVision the contract for their Materials Testing and Management solution.


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