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29 Years

Transportation Industry Technical Excellence

ExeVision was founded in 1994 as a custom software development and consulting company with an emphasis on Oracle technologies. As one of the founding principles, ExeVision has been built from the ground up with no venture capital, angel investments, or external funding sources.

The sound financial footing allowed ExeVision to maintain stability and growth through the tech explosion in the late '90s, the dot-com boom and bust cycle, and the post-9/11 technology struggles. To maintain its strong financial base, ExeVision has maintained a wide customer base including small and large companies and government entities.

In 2001, ExeVision made a strategic shift to become a premier provider of integrated Project Development systems for road and bridge construction in state transportation agencies with their demanding and specialized bidding and construction requirements.

ExeVision's integrated Project Development (iPDWeb) product seamlessly integrates comprehensive project management control for preconstruction, construction, and civil rights activities starting with the creation of a project estimate and finishing with the final contractor payment.

In recent years, ExeVision has made a Software-as-a-Service version of iPDWeb for local government agencies including counties and municipalities, at a price that even the most price conscious agency can afford. 

Customer Benefits:


  • Fully hosted and fully managed by ExeVision (Microsoft Azure hosting)

  • Customizing the solution to fit your business processes (enterprise solution only, excludes SaaS) 

  • Integrated central database providing for single point data entry and end-to-end seamless workflow across Estimating, Bidding, Construction and Materials Management, and Civil Rights compliance.

  • Substantial cost savings by reducing ongoing maintenance and upgrade "Churn"

  • Rapid implementation of SaaS version for local government agencies

  • Cost effective SaaS solution for local agencies (counties & municipalities

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