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Integrated Contractors Exchange

ExeVision iCXWeb

for Contractors

Providing contractors with electronic bidding services, and access to construction project management information for existing projects, is essential to any transportation project development strategy.


The integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb) web application simplifies the bidding process for contractors by ensuring the creation of responsive bids and facilitates the communication between the bidders and the state transportation agency. iCXWeb was designed to minimize the instances of “non-responsive” bids by checking for errors prior to bid submission and making recommendations for correcting the problem(s). It also simplifies the process of creating bids with several teams separately working on different portions of the bid.

Electronic Bidding - iCXWeb

Once contractors are authorized to bid, bidders access project bid item lists for their desired projects and prepare a complete electronic bid package including bonds, DBE commitments or Good Faith efforts, required certifications, etc. The completed bid package is digitally signed and transmitted via the Internet to the iPDWeb SecureVault™ and held until the date and time of opening, when the bids are transmitted to the iPDWeb Electronic Bidding System (EBS). Bidders can submit their encrypted bid to the vault as many times as they wish until opening—the last submission prior to bid opening is the bid that will be opened.  iCXWeb also automatically notifies contractors when amendments occur and ensures that bids may not be submitted if the amendments have not been acknowledged. 


In iCXWeb, contractors also fulfill their project-specific requirements for preparing subcontract agreements, documenting payments made to subcontractors and the hours worked by on-the-job trainees. It provides a view of real-time information for compliance with DBE and OJT commitments. Contractors can also prepare anticipated monthly payments schedules for the contracting agency indicating how much money will be needed to make monthly contractor payments.  

When given access by the agency, contractors have a read-only view to all contract or project information to facilitate communication on the project and reduce the agency workload of providing that information on an ongoing basis.  When required by the agency, contractors can also submit questions, documents, prompt payment information and approvals to the agency through the iCXWeb application.


Secure Vault - Bidding

The iCXWeb SecureVault services are the vehicle for secure data exchange between the agency’s EBS and iCXWeb.  When a contractor electronically submits a bid, the SecureVault accepts the encrypted bid and holds it in a secure repository until the date and time of bid opening.  The SecureVault provides outgoing information to the contractor’s web application (iCXWeb) including bid packages, contractor lists, certified DBE lists, automated addendum updates, current contractor certifications, etc., and receives completed bid submissions from the contractor.  As a 3rd party secure vault maintained by ExeVision, contractors submitting bids are assured that their bid information will only be seen by authorized transportation agency personnel, and only after the time and date of the bid opening.

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