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Integrated Project Development

ExeVision iPDWeb

for State Transportation Departments

•   Project Cost Estimate        
•   Electronic Bidding         
•   Construction Management 
•   Materials Management/LIMS 
•   Civil Rights 
•   Management Reporting 
•   System Maintenance 

IPD Project Development Software Flowchart

ExeVision’s integrated Project Development (iPDWeb™) solution is a comprehensive construction project development and management solution. iPDWeb is a fully integrated web solution that provides all functional aspects of road and bridge construction starting with estimate creation and electronic bidding, through construction management and then processing final contractor payment and project closeout.  Independent functional components (subsystems) of ExeVision's solution however, may be implemented independently and integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

iPDWeb was designed by practicing construction management experts to meet their day-to-day project management needs.  State departments of transportation that need  to carefully manage infrastructure projects, find that iPDWeb provides unique capabilities and a highly efficient, cost effective process.  

While recognizing that many construction management practices are similar across many departments of transportation, iPDWeb has been architected to allow precise customization for those unique business processes found in each individual department of transportation.  iPDWeb seamlessly integrates end-to-end project management control using a centralized database model for seamless workflow across contracts, pre-construction, electronic bidding, construction, materials, and civil rights activities.


Estimates • Electronic Bidding • Bid Creation & Submission

ExeVision’s pre-construction subsystems provide Estimating, Electronic Bidding, and Contractor Bid Preparation & Submission in an intuitive Web Application.  As part of the complete iPDWeb solution, the pre-construction functionality is supplied by iPDWeb (Estimates and Electronic Bidding), and a web application for contractors—the integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb)—that simplifies and automates information flow and bid submission between the transportation agency and the contractor. With these web applications, ExeVision continues to focus on optimizing agency resource use and simplifying the bidding experience for contractors.

Electronic Bidding and Estimation

Project Cost Estimate Subsystem

As an integrated subsystem of iPDWeb, the Project Cost Estimate Subsystem (PCES) is used by agency personnel to prepare cost estimates, detailing all bid and non-bid items associated with a project.  It allows users to add categories and items, enter pricing and stationing information, identify multiple funding sources from simple to complex, and review all bid and non-bid items from a single window.


PCES includes automated tools to assist project estimators in making informed decisions when adding unit prices to their estimates based on historical pricing data. The subsystem allows the estimator to establish various criteria that can be used to analyze historical item costs, including item history, quantity, awarded bid vs. all bids, specific date ranges, and the location of the project.


Estimators can design multiple estimate versions in order to create “what if” scenarios during the estimating process. Moreover, as a robust estimate creation tool, estimators have the flexibility to set up A+B bidding and other specialty bidding requirements like special provisions, auto-calculated items, unique items, lump sum items, etc.


After PCES records pass the approval process, the bid item quantities and prices are advanced to the Electronic Bidding Subsystem (EBS) for bidding and advertising. 


For agencies that require the creation of accurate long-range project estimates and budgets, ExeVision also offers a full Parametric Estimating solution.

Electronic Bidding Subsystem

The EBS handles the entire bidding workflow including package preparation, contractor  authorization, receiving and opening bids, and award and contract execution.


Included in the pre-bid process is verification that contractors are authorized to bid on projects, displaying this information in a plan holder report or bidders list.

EBS also manages the automated addendum process ensuring a smooth and timely flow of information between the iPDWeb system and contractor’s iCXWeb application. At bid opening, EBS tabulates the unofficial opening results, creates the analysis and unofficial results documentation, and can publish them to the agency’s  bid opening website with a click. EBS creates a complete bid report detailing all bidders’ prices for agency analysis to determine if the bid information is complete, mathematically and materially balanced, and the prices are reasonable.


When the project is awarded, EBS automatically creates the contract documents needed for execution and loads bid item quantities and other related information into the Construction Management System (CMS) after the contract is executed.

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Bid Creation and Submission

The integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb) is an innovative web application used by contractors for the preparation and submission of responsive bids to the agency. ICXWeb is also a communications platform between the contractor and the agency for contractors to view current project information from the agency and submit information to the agency as required,  including  bids, documents, approvals, subcontractor information, prompt payment information, etc.

Construction Management Subsystem (CMS)

ExeVision’s Construction Management Subsystem (CMS) is a part of the iPDWeb solution, focused on providing an easy-to-use web application for recording construction data.  CMS tracks and maintains data including project documents, Daily Diaries, Project Ledger/Quantity Book, and Contractor Pay Estimates, and utilizes the tablet-based Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook™) application to gather and synchronize field and inspection data with the home office CMS. 


With each transportation agency having their own business processes and requirements, ExeVision’s CMS can be customized to the specific requirements and business processes of each agency.

ExeVision’s iPDWeb construction management  solution provides an automated method of tracking the various events that occur during a construction project, resulting in more efficient, accurate, and timely contractor payments.


Using the CMS web-based subsystem, the agency records daily work activities including the quantities of work performed and other critical activities related to construction projects that affect processing contractor payments—for example, Weather, Time Charges, Activities, Equipment, Labor, Diary Entries, etc.  These entries may be made with the web-based CMS application or through ExeVision’s eFieldBook field data collection application.  From these entries, reports are generated based on the daily work completed, the overall percentage of project complete, funding and payment information, etc.


Custom reporting is available using the intuitive and user-friendly ad hoc engine, and quick access dashboards may be created from report outputs.  

While the main process flow of CMS is straightforward––record activities, create pay estimates, receive approvals––CMS facilitates the gathering of data in the many supporting areas of a project to effectively track and manage all aspects. (See CMS flow overview below)


Funding and Contract Payment Processing

Financial allocations can be managed for a contract by adding funding sources for the projects, adding or modifying funding sources at a category level, or even setting specific funding sources on an item-by-item basis.  Funding can be split by assigning funding source by percentage including minimum and maximum amounts and can be prioritized by “rolling-over” to other funding sources when a pre-determined amount or percentage has been reached.  Finally, work entries are compiled into pay estimates, including the ability for authorized users to include or exclude items. Calculations take place “on-the-fly” so that item-dependent amounts such as mobilization, fuel adjustments, etc., are not reflected in the totals. Additionally, items not included in the current pay estimate will automatically show up on subsequent, future pay estimates until they are approved and included on a pay estimate.

Change Orders and Subcontracts

ExeVision has eliminated much of the communication complexity of change orders and subcontracts between the agency and the contractor by integrating that communication within the contractor’s web-based application—iCXWeb.


ICXWeb is used by contractors to create, submit, and track electronic bids but equally important for construction projects is the ability for change order and subcontract information to flow effortlessly between the agency’s construction management application (iPDWeb CMS) and the contractor’s application (iCXWeb). 


In iCXWeb, Contractors create and manage subcontracts (including subcontract payments) and interact with agency personnel on subcontractor approvals, change order approvals, etc. Contractors are notified within the application of change orders and their potential impact on DBE subcontract commitments. The transportation agency is likewise notified of potential impacts to a contractor’s DBE subcontract commitment for a project.  Contractors also use iCXWeb to record payments to subcontractors and the integration between iCXWeb and iPDWeb allows the ongoing review of critical compliance factors such as prompt payment. 


CMS also supports processes that allow contractors to approve/disapprove payments and time charges if the agency uses such processes.

ICX web Logo-01.png

iCXWeb is a web-based application, used in conjunction with the iPDWeb CMS, enabling the contractors and agency to communicate throughout the construction process.  ICXWeb is used by contractors to submit subcontractors for agency approval, prompt payment payroll information, documents, and other information required by the agency.  The agency can also provide a read-only view of projects so that contractors can review change orders, pay estimates and other related project information realtime, without having to contact the agency.  

Electronic Field Book (eFieldbook)

The Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook) is a tablet-based application for viewing items and project data from the home office CMS application and collecting and recording field data, even when working on remote sites where direct network connections are not available.  Engineers or inspectors document daily work activities at the project site, including pay items and quantities of work performed, labor and equipment used by the contractor and subcontractors, daily time charges, daily weather conditions and temperatures at the project site, diary information including project inspections, and instructions to the contractor.


The eFieldBook downloads project pay items and other project information from the enterprise CMS to the portable device and electronically uploads the daily work information through the device’s synchronization functionality.  CMS manages the coordination of all information being uploaded and downloaded from multiple engineers and inspectors working on the same project and ensures that a single consistent view of the project is maintained using data received from many different sources.

ipad with desktop.png

Materials Management Subsystem (MMS)

ExeVision’s Materials Management Subsystem (MMS) is a comprehensive, web-based Materials/LIMS solution used by transportation agencies to manage materials and laboratory information.  The solution may be tailored to the specific requirements and business processes of your individual transportation agency and makes possible the tracking and quality assurance of the agency’s construction materials.

The central role of a material sample is emphasized in the overall material management process, contributing to the user friendly and intuitive feel of the solution.  This promotes efficiency for users by allowing the day-to-day materials activities to be managed from a single window within the application. From one window, all samples related to a contract, a project, a user, or a material, are easily viewed with their associated attributes, assignments, test status and other key information related to the sample.


​As a full-featured materials management solution, ExeVision MMS may be implemented by an agency as a stand-alone Materials solution or as a part of ExeVision’s iPDWeb.

Materials Management Functionality

  • Sample Management

  • Materials Definitions

  • Tester Certification & Qualifications

  • Facilities Inspection

  • Prequalified Materials

  • Inventory Management

  • Mix Designs

  • Equipment Tracking and Calibration

FHWA Federal Lands Division recently awarded the contract for their Materials Management solution to ExeVision through the public bidding process.

Complex Test Creation and Execution Engine


  • Agency Specific Test Creation

  • Lab Qualification

  • Testing Execution and Calculations

  • Reporting

  • Etc.

...and other key tasks associated with the management of materials.

The decision was based on criteria that “represented the best value to the government” including:

  • Price

  • Available Test Methods

  • Past Performance

  • Future Integration Options


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