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construction materials managment

Materials Management / LIMS


Tailored to the specific requirements and business processes of your agency


ExeVision's Materials Management Subsystem (MMS) is a comprehensive, web-based solution, used by transportation agencies to track and management the quality of construction materials.

Materials Management Functionality Includes:

  • Sample Management

  • Material Definitions and Attributes

  • Material Components

  • Tester Certification & Qualifications

  • Facilities Inspection

  • Inventory Management

  • Prequalified Materials

  • Mix Designs

  • Equipment Tracking & Calibration


 ...and other key tasks associated with the management of materials. 

Complex Test Creation Engine and Test Execution: 


  • AASHTO/ASTM Testing

  • Agency Specific Test Creation

  • Testing Execution & Calculations

 ...and much more!​

Materials Management LIMS

Agency-Specific Solutions

If the time has come to review your Materials Management options, consider a solution that’s ready-to-go out of the box, yet versatile enough to be configured, and yes, even customized to the specific business processes of your individual agency.


FHWA Federal Lands Division recently awarded their Materials Management software contract to ExeVision through the public bidding process....based on criteria that represented the best value to the Government including:

  • Available test methods

  • Price

  • Past performance

  • Future integration 

Centralized Sample Management 

Materials Sample Management

To make MMS user friendly and intuitive, the central role of a material sample is emphasized in the overall material management process.  This promotes efficiency for users by allowing the day-to-day materials activities to be managed from a single location within the application. From that one window, all samples for a contract, a project, a user, or all samples in the system are easily viewed with their associated attributes, assignments, test status and other key information related to the sample.

​As a full-featured LIMS solution, ExeVision MMS may be implemented by an agency as a stand-alone Materials solution or as a part of ExeVision’s integrated Project Development solution (iPDWeb), including Estimating, Electronic Bidding, Construction Management, and Civil Rights Compliance.

For more information on how this centralized materials approach can improve the efficiency of your construction documentation processes, give us a call at (801) 762-6372 or  drop us a line at

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ExeVision Project Development Solutions:

  • Estimates

  • Electronic Bidding

  • Construction Management

  • Civil Rights Reporting

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