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ExeVision FAQ

Q: What is the focus of ExeVision's Business?

A: ExeVision focuses on providing state transportation agencies with a robust, integrated, and easy to use project development solution for road and bridge construction. ExeVision began developing transportation solutions in 1997 with the objective of producing a more integrated, less resource intensive project development solution than was currently available.

Q: What is the focus of ExeVision's business?

A: ExeVision focuses on providing government transportation divisions, state and local, with a robust, integrated, and easy to use project development solution for road and bridge construction. ExeVision began developing transportation solutions in 1997 with the objective of producing a more integrated, less resource intensive project development solution than was currently available.

ExeVision also provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) multi-tenant solution for counties and municipalities to fit their construction project management needs at attractive subscription pricing.

Q: What is the iPDWeb Solution

A: The iPDWeb (integrated Project Development) solution is a comprehensive project development application, fully integrating all functional aspects of DOT construction projects from estimate creation and electronic bidding through the final contractor payment.  This includes:  Estimates, Parametric Estimating, Electronic Bidding, Construction Management, Materials Management/LIMS and Civil Rights compliance.

ExeVision iPDWeb Project Development Software for DOT

Q: Is iPD a Web application?

A: Yes. iPD was completely redesigned from the ground up as a native web application renamed iPDWeb™. 

ExeVision iPDWeb screenshot

Q: What is the significance of "integrated" in the iPD name?

The iPDWeb solution was designed and developed to be a completely "integrated" system to manage transportation agency construction projects rather than a collection of individual, standalone modules that are linked together by way of external interfaces. The integrated nature of iPDWeb eliminates the need for multiple data entry points and any import/export requirements between different systems, substantially reducing the time requirements and administrative workload to manage construction projects.

However, the product was also architected to allow individual subsystems to be implemented as stand alone applications, based on the requirements of the agency.

Q: What portions of the DOT project planning and management     processes are included in the ExeVision solutions?

A: ExeVision's solutions include four offerings:  iPDWeb, ICXWeb, Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook)  and Parametric Estimating.


  • Project cost estimating

  • Electronic bidding

  • Electronic bid opening

  • Construction management: project ledger & accounting

  • Contractor payment/payroll

  • Daily diary

  • Electronic Field Book (for field data entry)

  • Materials Management

  • Civil rights management and automated reporting

  • Contract preparation

  • Ad-hoc (user friendly) management reporting


  • Contractor bid preparation and submission

  • Completion and error checking

  • Item prices

  • DBE and subcontractor commitments

  • Addendum acknowledgements

  • Fully customized certifications

  • Structured data

  • Approval submission

  • Document submission

  • Digital/electronici signatures

  • SecureVault for bid submission

Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook)

  • Tablet based application

  • Data gathering in the field for inspectors

  • Connected or disconnected

  • Automatic synchronization with enterprise CMS 

Parametric Estimates

  • Joint ExeVision/HDR project

  • Accurately estimate long-range projects and budgets

  • Estimates truly representative of project engineer estimates

  • Applies mathematical and statistical models to the agency’s historical data 

  • Uses sophisticated combination of:

    • Parametric Estimating

    • Percentage of Project

    • Composite Items

Q: What is iCXWeb?

iCXWeb is a robust web application for contractor bid creation and submission, substantially improving the agency’s interaction with  contractors . iCXWeb eliminates uploads, downloads, file transfers and duplication of data entry. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, visually representing the tasks remaining to be completed in order to submit a responsive bid. These tasks include bid item prices, addenda acknowledgement, certification completion, financial and other document submissions, and if required, electronic bid bond and digital certificate validation. Contractors can also enter subcontractors, assign work and track payments to subcontractors, information accessible to the transportation agency if required.. Once the bid is complete, the contractor may submit or withdraw bids with a click until the date and time of bid opening.

ExeVision iCXWeb screenshot

Q: What are the benefits to the Agency of ExeVision and ExeVision solutions?

A: The iPDWeb and iCXWeb solutions manage the minutia of the construction management process and maintains the detailed information from the bidding process so that DOT employees can use their time more effectively. For example,

  • EveVision solutions are fully hosted and fully managed by ExeVision, reducing substantial workload on the agency.

  • Studies from current customer installations have shown that staff time expenditures on bid openings were reduced by 95%.

  • iPD is truly an integrated end-to-end solution, eliminating the need for multiple data entry points and import/export operations between applications.

  • The iCXWeb contractor preparation and submission platform eliminates non-responsive bids, saving time for both the agency and contractors.


    • The iPDWeb and iCXWeb solutions are fully customizable and ExeVision customizes each solution to the specific business processes of the individual agency.

    • Overall administrative efforts are substantially diminished by eliminating continual maintenance "code churn" by the agency determining what functionality is included in an update and when those updates should be applied.  Since an agency determines what functionality changes should be made to their code tree and when, updates are only created and applied when authorized and directed by the agency.

    • Civil Rights and other reports can be created in seconds reducing manual tabulations and the risk of federal government sanctions or disparity studies. iPDWeb includes easy-to-use ad-hoc reporting for simplified access to your data in minutes.

    • Functionality changes have very fast turn around times.


    • Subscription-based pricing with no contract.​

    • Substantial price reduction to make it affordable for local governments.

    • Rapid implementation: 1-2 months with configuration.

    • Same base code functionality as enterprise solution.

Q: Since iPDWeb and iCXWeb are designed and developed as a fully integrated solution, does an agency have to purchase and install the entire application?

A: iPDWeb was architected as a complete, integrated solution, but was developed in subsystems. Due to the modular nature of the system, the implementation of the entire solution, or selected subsystems, is available as needed. The majority of our customers have implemented individual iPD/iCX subsystems to fill existing gaps or needs and integrated those with their existing IT infrastructure. 


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