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Engineering Firms:

You may benefit from a web-based software solution for managing and documenting state road and highway construction projects, using the same tools as the state transportation agency.

NACE Sponsor

ExeVisions has been a longstanding provider of comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of state transportation agencies, facilitating the management of road and highway construction projects. Recently, ExeVision has received interest from multiple engineering firms seeking to leverage the same functionality internally for their own projects in collaboration with state agencies.

To address these requests, ExeVision now offers a web-based software subscription tailored for engineering firms. This subscription grants access to the project management features utilized by state agencies like VTrans and the New Hampshire DOT, streamlining the management and documentation of road projects.

Moreover, for engineering firms with internal materials laboratories requiring efficient tracking and testing of materials samples, lab management, equipment oversight, and certifications, ExeVision extends its Materials Management system (MMS). This version, proven effective within state agencies, is now available for engineering firms seeking enhanced efficiency in their operations.

integrated Project Development 


Construction Management Subsystem (CMS)

An easy-to-use software application, accessed through standard web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, or on mobile tablets.  All standard documentation typically required for tracking and managing construction projects is supported,  including: 

  • Daily Quantities

  • Daily Reports

  • Change Orders

  • Pay Estimates

  • Subcontracts

Materials Management and Testing Subsystem (MMS)

Comprehensive web-based solution that enables entities to efficiently sample, test, and manage construction materials for reliable quality assurance.  This robust tool also maintains accurate laboratory management information including facilities, equipment, personnel, certifications, test results, etc., used for auditing and reports.

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