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Highway Construction

County & Municipality

Transportation Agency


“Our objective is to provide local government agencies the same robust 

functionality as the flagship iPDWeb™ product used by State Departments of Transportation for Construction Management and Project Development, at an affordable price and on-demand web availability.”

- Floyd W. Millet

  President, ExeVision

Construction Management & Reporting 
Estimates - Electronic Bidding - Materials Management/Testing

For counties or municipalities that need to move from database, spreadsheet, or paper tracking of road and highway construction projects, ExeVision provides a solution that is is affordable to even the most cost-conscious organization. 


If your agency needs a construction management and project reporting software solution, or if you need more––estimating, electronic bidding or materials management––the integrated Project Development (iPDWeb) solution has you covered.  


ExeVision's iPDWeb provides the same Project Development software functionality used by state transportation agencies, but in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription that's fully hosted and managed by ExeVision.  



ExeVision released the SaaS version of iPDWeb to provide a full-featured and rapid implementation version of the software solution for use by local government agencies at a substantial cost reduction over large agency (state DOT) implementations. 


Most state transportation agencies have the requirement and budget to customize the software to their specific requirements.  The SaaS version for use at the local government level however, provides configuration options rather than full customization to tune the application to the agency without the complexity or cost of customization.


iPDWeb subsystems can be implemented independently, so if your agency is looking for construction management, the Construction Management Subsystem (CMS) may be implemented as a standalone option.

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Construction Management Subsystem (CMS)

ExeVision’s Construction Management Subsystem (CMS) for local government agencies is a Software-as-a-Service subscription, fully hosted and managed by ExeVision and focused on providing an easy-to-use web application for project construction management.  The solution facilitates the collection and documentation of the numerous events that occur during a construction project, necessary to pay contractors and suppliers, and generate project reports.   

iPD Web_transparent.png

Integrated Project Development

  • Estimates
  • Electronic Bidding
  • Construction Management & Reporting
  • Materials Management/LIMS (Sampling & Testing)

ExeVision’s integrated Project Development (iPDWeb) is a comprehensive construction project development and management solution for government transportation agencies. As a fully integrated web solution, it provides all functional aspects of road and bridge construction starting with estimate creation and electronic bidding, through construction management, and concluding with processing final contractor payments during project closeout.

Contractor iCXWeb

Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook)

The Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook) is a tablet-based application for viewing items and project data from the home office CMS application in the field and collecting and recording field data, even when working on remote sites where direct network connections are not available.  Engineers or inspectors document daily work activities at the project site, including pay items and quantities of work performed, labor and equipment used by the contractor and subcontractors, daily time charges, daily weather conditions and temperatures at the project site, diary information including project inspections, and instructions to the contractor.


The eFieldBook downloads project pay items and other project information from the central CMS to the portable device and electronically uploads the daily work information through the device’s synchronization functionality.  CMS manages the coordination of all information being uploaded and downloaded from multiple engineers and inspectors working on the same project and ensures that a single consistent view of the project is maintained using data received from many different sources.

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